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Okay, so you’re not even going to believe this. I didn’t even believe it, but you can get paid to watch YouTube videos.

  I came across this like I didn't even mean to come across this I was just analyzing where some of my traffic was coming from and I found the site I was like what is this site doing and why is this site and my me so much traffic and I found out the site pays people to watch videos.

 I am a marketer and I'm going to show you how to make real money watching YouTube videos give a light for clickbait.Titles Come on guy I need a like for clickbait titles.

 I'll look at my analytics and I'll say okay, who is actually recommending people to come to my videos? And I looked at this Okay, and I saw this right here I'm looking at who's recommending my videos and it says my Bitcoin recommended 7% of people to my YouTube channel I said what the heck is this? You know, I don't know my Bitcoin to buy I've never worked with them. I'm not secretly paying them money to send traffic to my site.

 I don't use organic methods of growth. I do not recommend organic methods of growth. YouTube's algorithm is very good, but here we go. We see get more views on YouTube and drive growth instantly.

 So you can actually see here the people that are earning money from Bitcoin to you'll see all the payment methods or Bitcoin but you'll see all these different members the coin pot show me nissi talk executive masiva drink, they're all getting paid like $14 $13 $10 $10 and they're all getting paid straight to their bitcoin wallets you have all their bitcoin wallets listed here and you'll notice that each time you get a payout the network or Bitcoin to get a $2 fee.

 That's how they make their money. They make their money every time you cash out. So really, it makes more sense for you to cash out with larger amounts because you see this person here name nom T, whatever UIA got $100 and the $2 cash out fee was only 2% of $100.

 Now guys, if you absolutely love that if that is amazing. If you're going to go check that out right away type in I love it in the comments and if you want me to show you more ways that you can earn Bitcoin have been showing me more ways in the comments below because I want to know what your interest in this channel. In this channel. I mainly talk about affiliate marketing. I will talk about ways you can work at home and earn money.

 So check it out love to have you as a subscriber help you make money on the internet because the more money you make, the more money I make. Let's get it.

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