Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Hey everyone, welcome to the 2019 summer shred challenge
So if you’re looking for that 11 AB definition look, this 10 minutes ab workout is the perfect workout for you !
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This workout has 12 exercises, 40 seconds on and 10 seconds off
All these exercises combined will help you to achieve that 11 line ab definition
Lie flat on your fitness mat and we’re going to start with scissor drop
You’re basically crossing your legs like a scissors as you lower your legs down
Have your palms rest on your side
Or you can rest them right below your butt for some back support if you are still feeling a lot of strain on your lower back
then you can crunch up a little and that works your abs even more or you can choose to not lower your legs down as much
Now stay put and we’ve got bicycle crunch next
Remember if you want to get those flat defined abs you need to engage your core and the best way to do is to focus on your breathing.

Squeeze your abs each time you breathe out
Now flip around and we’re going to do groiners next, this is an advanced mountain climbers
Make sure your core is engaged as you bring your legs out to the side and this
Really works your whole core and your lower abs
Next get back on the mat again and we have corkscrew
This is similar to a reverse crunch
But you’re doing a twist to the left or right this helps you to work your whole core, especially on those obliques and lower abs
Get back up again and we’ve got crossbody mountain climber
Push your knees toward the opposite elbows and again engage that core.

You have to work it for those abs
Now get on your back again
and we’ve got three way V-up , you’re basically rotating between a V-up with both legs up then your left leg and
Then your right leg and repeat, your abs should be burning right now! Mine was burning but keep pushing guys
Now flip around and we’ve got twisting pistons next jump off it to one side while rotating your lower body
This really works the external obliques and your abs which gives you that line definition
We’re more than halfway through the workout guys.

Just five more minutes to go not long at all. You can do this
Great work guys now get on a side plank position with one arm bent like so and we’re going to twist and have your elbow touch
the ground this will really work your obliques and your whole core. This is a difficult one
so I’ve included a less intense version if it helps
Now flip around and we’re going to do the other side and this exercise will definitely give you that ab definition
Now lie on your back again and keep your legs as straight as possible
And try to crunch up as high as you can that you’re trying to touch your toes
Remember you’re using your core muscles to lift you, not your neck.

Be safe guys. I know it’s tough, but we’re almost there keep pushing
Now flip around again into a plank position on your elbows and we’re going to do some hip dips
Make sure you go down low when you’re doing the dips, but make sure your form is still good
Just one more exercise to go after this
Flip around again guys for the last time and our last exercises in and out, focus on that breathing
Inhale as you lean back and exhale and squeeze as you go back in
And that’s the workout guys great work for getting through this one
All you gotta do is to keep pushing and you’re gonna get results
Please leave a comment down below on how you’re progressing as that really helps others, too
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If you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next workout
Bye~! 🙂